Mini Bull Puppies

Looking for a Mini Bull Puppy? We have four puppies, born 9/2/2016.


casper innocent face

Ask for a puppy application – that’s the first step. We work hard to match each mini bull puppy to the perfect family for them.

If you have been researching Mini Bull Terriers then you already know there are very few AKC registered puppies born each year. In fact, most years there are only 200 born and registered in the entire US. That’s less than two per state! What does that mean to you? It means you may need to be patient to get the pup that is right for you. The first step is to request a puppy application.

We’re proud to have finished three Champions from the first BlackJack/Diva litter and five from the Babe/Cisco litter. Ace earned his championship at six months and nine days old at a Specialty. Ace also earned his Grand Championship at 10 months which is also a breed record. Babe, earned her championship at 10 months, and Grand Championship at 17 months. Jersey earned his championship in just one weekend at a specialty with 3 five point majors in a row (can’t get better than that!) Jersey is also halfway to his Canadian Championship!

Babe enjoys training, including K9 Nose Work, K9 Tricks classes and ┬áRally Obedience (she’s a smarty like her mom, Diva!) Babe’s first litter are racking up the titles. ┬áSire: Cisco & Dam: Babe

Nitro, CH Tuxedo Here’s Winking at You Kidd, CGC, CA, TT, NW1, NW2, RN, L1C, L1I. Nitro was also awarded the prestigious Hildie, the MBTCA Versatility Performance award.

Spuds, CH Tuxedo Double Up On Deuce, CA, CGC, RATI, RATN

Lola, CH Tuxedo Lil Dream Girl, CGC, RATI, RATN, RN

Zorro, CH Tuxedo Pell Mell at Islay, CGC, RN, RA, NW1, L1V

Hope, CH Tuxedo Spot On

Casper, Tuxedo Can You See Me Now at Draymia, CGC. Casper has more titles…I need to check with his mum!

Sire: BlackJack & Dam: Diva
Ace, GCH CH Tuxedo Ace O’Spades CA CGC RATI RATN NW1 NW2 L1C. Ace was also awarded the Hildie – the MBTCA’s Performance Versatility award.
Babe, GCH CH Tuxedo Lil Queen O’Hearts, CGC, NW1, L1I
Jersey, CH Tuxedo Winner Takes All For Rainy Days, CGC, RATI, RATN, RATO. As you can tell, Jersey loves Barn Hunt!

Interested in a Mini Bull Puppy from Tuxedo Kennels? Ask for a puppy application via email at

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