BlackJack Wins at Westminster Kennel Club

Mini Bull Terrier Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel Club 2011What an amazing year for BlackJack…finishing with a win at “The Garden”. We’re so proud of him and thrilled to have such an amazing dog as our first show dog and our loving pet. We’re on cloud nine with the win and media blitz. We had fun at our photo shoot with both ESPN and The New York Times, multiple interviews and visiting with our adoring fans throughout the day. BlackJack had fun and enjoyed meeting everyone. He even gave the ESPN folks great audio of his bark (apparently no one else wanted to talk when they visited the press.)

Ranking in the top five miniature bull terriers in the US he was invited to the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. We’re so glad we were able to travel from Oregon to New York for the show. See the Miniature Bull Terrier dog show results online here.