GCH CH Tuxedo Lil Queen O’Hearts, Babe


Babe, GCH CH Tuxedo Lil Queen O'Hearts

Babe, GCH CH Tuxedo Lil Queen O'Hearts

We are proud to announce Babe’s first litter which arrived June 10, 2012. She was bred to CH Cambria’s Cisco Kidd (Cisco) and had seven healthy pups – five boys (three white and two black brindle & white) and two girls (a white and a brindle & white).

Babe is an amazing mother who has taken to the role with relish and care. She is exhausted but happy to be caring for her pups.

Babe is the third champion, and second Grand Champion from our first litter. She is also one of the top ranked MBTs in the breed earning 52 Grand Champion points in 2012. She is ranked 18th among all MBTs who have earned GCH points (lifetime) and 7th for 2012. She joins brother’s Ace and Jersey earning her AKC Championship at just 10 months old.

She is a happy-go-lucky girl with a loving nature and loads of smarts. Have I mentioned she first climbed out of the ex-pen at just six weeks old? Babe also started putting herself to bed in her “second story” crate not long after. She climbs, noses, landscapes, and uses her brain to solve puzzles. Why oh why did we want smart puppies? She is a joy to live and train.

Kimarie has taken K9 Tricks class and have started to work on obedience (we’re working towards a Rally Obedience title…)

We’re enjoying learning and loving the wonderful and unique kisses from our lovely girl.

BlackJack and Babe - Daddy & Daughter

Babe's First Specialty